The Academy of Civil, Agricultural, and Geological Engineering (ACAGE) is a combination of the former Civil Engineering Department Advisory Committee which was organized in the Fall of 1981 and the Academy of Civil Engineering (ACE) which was organized in 1986. They were formed to serve as multipurpose liaisons between the Department and the Engineering profession.

The Academy represents private practice, industry, and government; providing ideas, advice, critical evaluation, guidance, and general support to the CE Department. The Academy is action-oriented and aids in developing support for engineering within New Mexico State University, across New Mexico, and our nation.

The Academy is organized to perpetuate:

  • The strength and dedication of Civil, Agricultural, and Geological Engineering through personal and professional example.
  • The recognition of those graduates of the Department who bring honor to Civil, Agricultural, and Geological Engineering as practitioners and as citizens.
  • The encouragement of personal, corporate, foundation, and government gifts and grants of money, equipment and facilities to the New Mexico State University Foundation for the benefit of the CAGE (now CE) Department.

ACAGE Objectives

  • Provide guidance and advice on such items as curriculum, career development, research, recruiting, and professionalism.
  • Assist the CE Department in the development and accomplishment of departmental goals and objectives as submitted, by the CE Department Head, to the President of the University.
  • Assist the CE Department in acquiring funds for departmental maintenance, development, and expansion.
  • Utilize Task Groups to concentrate efforts in specialized areas such as Faculty, Financial, and Student Affairs.
  • Maintain a list of items to be considered and pursued by the Academy Board of Directors (Board). The list will be prepared and updated annually by the CE Department Head.