Become a Member

If you wish to become part of the membership of the ACAGE, please complete the following steps to begin the process:

  1. Review the Membership Qualifications below
  2. Complete Nomination Form and Submit
  3. A completed Nomination Form will be sent to the ACAGE Secretary by 15 Feb of each year
  4. The Membership Committee Chair may respond, by e-mail, on the result of your nomination
  5. New potential Nominees and/or past Initiates are inducted at the annual meeting, which is normally at Homecoming of each year


Membership Qualifications

Members shall be limited to living individuals who were duly elected and subject to the following conditions:

  • Each Member shall hold a degree in (civil, agricultural, or geological) engineering from New Mexico State University or from a recognized engineering school granted at least 20 years prior to election. The member‚Äôs degree and professional activities shall attest to his competence in (civil, agricultural, or geological) engineering.
  • Each Member candidate shall receive at least a three-fourths affirmative vote of the total votes cast for election to membership.
  • The number of Members from each program shall not exceed 10% of the NMSU graduates, and not more than 2% of the NMSU graduates may be elected in each year.
  • The number of Members from (civil, agricultural, or geological) engineering departments at universities other than New Mexico State University may not exceed 15% of the Academy Members and not more than three from a (civil, agricultural, or geological) engineering department other than New Mexico State University may be elected in each year.
  • A¬†candidate who is elected to membership shall be present for induction at the first or second induction ceremony held after his election, except that the Board may waive this requirement in the event of illness of the candidate, absence of the candidate from the country, or other reasons acceptable by the Board. If this requirement is not waived by the Board, the candidate‚Äôs invitation shall be withdrawn after the second induction ceremony and¬†their status shall be the same as though they had not been elected.

Associate Members

Nominations of appropriate individuals to serve as Associate Members in the Academy can be made by members, faculty, student chapters, and members of outside organizations. Additional nominations may be made by any member.

Current Initiates & Nominees