Keyes & Others to Update this site in 2018 & thereafter?

After talking with Dr. Bandini, ACAGE Member in 2017, yesterday about the Home page of this site; I’ll try to fill all the membership photos and bios during 2018 & thereafter.  Anyone that wants their page updated needs to email Keyes and I’ll provide you with your password in order that you can Post material to the Home page of the site as I’ve done today.

Basically, I’ve forgotten more that I knew in 2015 about this site.  I’ve asked others to begin posting; but it seems that Dr. Martin (creator of the site with help from webmaster) and myself have been the only folks to give input to the Home page in the past.  Other pages that you can see from the top of the home page have numerous aspects of the ACAGE By-laws that govern this organization.


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