Student Affairs Task Group

Their function is to consider items concerning student-school relations, career guidance, placement, registration and professionalism, registration exam preparation, employment, cooperative employment agreements, advisory for classes, and other items related to the general well being of the student. A separate group could exist for each of the professional/technical/trade organizations (AGC, ASCE, XE) involved with the Department. At least one (1) Board member and two (2) Associate Members should serve on each Task Group.


Member Annotation
Gabriela Contreras-Apodaca Comm. Chair; NMSU BSCE 1992
David Jauregui Treasurer; NMSU: BS 1992, MS 1994; UT PhD 1999
Brad Weldon XE Faculty Advisor; NMSU BSCE 2001; Notre Dame MSCE 2006, PhD 2009
Frank Guzman NMSU: BSCE 1988
Tim Hightower NMSU: BSCE 1982
Kenneth Leitch NMSU: BSCE 1995, MS 1997, PhD 2002
Michael Stubbs NMSU: BSCE 1998
John Lommler University of Akron: BSCE 1969, MSCE 1972, PhD 1994