ACAGE Membership Committee

There shall be a Membership Committee of at least five (5) Active Members, one (1) of which shall serve as Chair, and said committee shall take such action as is necessary to comply with articles of these by-laws. At least one (1) Board member should serve on this committee.



Member Annotation
Wyatt Kartchner Membership Comm. Chair; NMSU BSCE 2007
Conrad G. Keyes,  Jr. Honorary Administrator; BS 1959, MS 1961 ScD 1967
Brad Weldon XE Faculty Advisor; NMSU BSCE 2001; Notre Dame MSCE 2006, PhD 2009
Rhonda Faught NMSU: BSCE 1980
Roy F. McKinney NMSU: BS GEN 1973
Kenneth Leitch NMSU: BSCE 1995, MS 1997, PhD 2002
Pete Mileta NMSU: BSCE 1986
Fabian Lopez NMSU: BSCE 2007
Robert Fierro NMSU: BSCE 2006
Celina Folmar NMSU: BSCE 2009
Berenisce Smith NMSU: BSCE 2009, MSCE 2010