Initiates & Nominees


  1. The Secretary shall receive from the Members until February 15 of each year such nominations as they shall care to make. Such nominations shall be of individuals qualified under articles of these by-laws and shall carry information which substantiates their qualifications.
  2. The Secretary shall deliver the nominations to the Chair of Membership Committee by March 1 of each year.
  3. The Membership Committee shall receive from the Secretary all nominations for Members and Associate Members. The Committee will review, determine eligibility, and forward the recommended nominations to the Board by April 1 of each year.
  4. The Board shall review and certify the nominations by April 15 of each year and return those that are acceptable to the Secretary and Treasurer.


Nomination Form   Download this Word Document and complete.  The Secretary and/or Chair of the Membership Committee will begin the process towards initiation.


Carryover of some 2018 ACAGE Initiates РSome 2018 Initiates are CARRYOVERS to 2019 and are listed as Initiates on this page below and their photos have come forth during 2018.


2018 ACAGE Initiates Information Acquired (14 Feb 2019)

The new initiates for 2019 are within this page below and their appropriate nomination forms may have been received at 


2019 Associate Nominees

Robert (Scott) Burns, PMP

Jacqueline (Jackie) Bynades, EIT

Samatha (Sam) Connor, P.E.

Rebecca Fink, P.E.

Ramana Gadhamshetty, P.E.

Andrew Gallegos, P.E.

Sarah Garduno, EIT

Travis Hopper, EIT

Daniel (Dan) Lamb. P.E.

Antonio Luchini, P.E.

Rachelle Mason

Jose Pasilla Rodriquez, EIT

Juan P. Rael, P.E.

Chris Rapp, P.E.

Jonah Ruybalid, P.E.

Christopher Taylor, P.E.

Sally Thomson, P.E.

Eric Trujillo, P.E.


2019 Nominees

Carmela Apodaca Irwin

Louise Molinar, P.E.

Terry “Skip” Noltensmeyer

Bruce Stidworth, P.E.


2019 Transfers

Travis Boone, P.E.

Veera Gnaneswar Gude, P.E.

Justin Howalt

Michael Kozeliski

Ken Suazo

Robert Warder, P.E.

Coy Webb, P.E.